Spaceflight with the ease of airflight.

Radian is building the world’s first truly reusable orbital aerospace vehicle.

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Radian One

Take off. Land.

Radian One is the world’s first crewed, single-stage to orbit vehicle with runway-like takeoff and landing. Our fully reusable, aircraft-like configuration requires far less infrastructure than vertical launch systems and can be reflown within 48 hours.
Flight Profile

Sled-assist takeoff

Radian One takes off subsonically with full propellant tanks.

Comfortable ascent

Low-G ascent for safe crew flight to LEO.

Flexible orbital operations

Missions range from once around to 5 days on orbit.

Reentry and landing

Wings allow smooth landing on any 10,000ft runway

Rapid reflight

Landing to launch times as fast as 48 hours.

Radian is developing one of the most important space vehicles I’ve seen to date. Building a responsive, single stage to orbit space vehicle that can take-off and land from existing runway infrastructure is a game-changer.

Gen. (ret) Steve Wilson

Former Vice Chief USAF, founder of AFWERX

On demand space operations is a growing economy, and I believe Radian’s technology can deliver on the right-sized, high-cadence operations that the market opportunity is showing.

Dylan Taylor

Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space

Mix decades of experience with world-class talent and no pre-scheduled miracles - the Radian Aerospace team and its Radian One system are creating a new era of spaceflight.

Col. (ret) Bob Hodgkiss

Director of USAF Launch and Range Systems responsible for development, acquisition and sustainment of all launch and range systems

The creation of a horizontal takeoff space plane has been the dream of many for decades, and I am delighted to be part of the team that is investing in this capability which will be a game-changer for the human exploration of space.

Leon Alkalai

GP of Explorer1 Fund and CEO of Mandala Space Ventures

Radian is doing what’s known as the ‘Holy Grail’ of accessing space with full reusability and responsiveness.

Doug Greenlaw

VP at Research Innovations Incorporated. Former Chief Executive, Asia of Lockheed Martin

Our mission

Opening up space for
the rest of us.

Radian's system makes spaceflight affordable and routine, expanding access to space and unlocking the next generation of missions beneficial to humanity—such as scientific research, in-space manufacturing, and terrestrial observation.

Space Station Enablement

High cadence transport of personnel and cargo to and from public or private space stations.

Proximity Operations

Payload recovery, inspection, servicing, refueling, and other services are enabled.

Aircraft-like Operations

High cadence, short notice low G operations from facilities around the world

Customized missions

Missions that require human observers and operators are enabled

Accessible science missions

Minimal training is required to ride Radian to orbit, eliminating lengthy times-to-result and increasing accessibility to space.

Regular freight to and from LEO

Containerized cargo bay and 10,000lbs down mass of pressurized/unpressurized cargo support in-space industry.

Rapid point-to-point transport

Deliver anything under 5,000lbs anywhere on Earth in under an hour.


Our leadership and 
advisory team

Richard Humphrey

Co-Founder / CEO

Co-Founder, Kavoo. Former President, New York Entrepreneurs Org. Founder & CEO at Drinkworks.

Livingston Holder

Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Former head of Future Space Transportation, Boeing. Former USAF Manned Spaceflight Engineer (Payload Specialist).

Jeff Feige

Co-Founder / Chief Revenue Officer

Former CEO, Orbital Outfitters. Former Chairman, Space Frontier Foundation. Associate Polispace.

Curtis Gifford

Co- Founder / Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Co-Founder, Holder Aerospace. COO/CFO, AirLaunch LLC. Principal Business Strategist, Andrews Space.

Katarina Wolcott

Head of Business Optimization

VP of Operations at First Mode. Business Manager for Gomspace Luxembourg. Business Operations Director, Planetary Resources.

Chris Hoeft

Deputy Program Manager

Program Manager, Solar Electric Propulsion, Aerojet Rocketdyne. Program Manager, Human Space Propulsion, Aerojet Rocketdyne.

Supported by

We are supported by some of the most experienced people and investors in the aerospace industry.


Col. Fred Gregory (Ret.)

Former NASA Deputy Administrator. Three time Space Shuttle Commander & Astronaut.

Capt. Michael López-Alegría (Ret.)

Four time Astronaut and ISS Commander. Former President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.

Col. Bob Hodgkiss (Ret.)

Director of USAF Launch and Range Systems responsible for development, acquisition and sustainment of all launch and range systems

Gen. Steve "Seve" Wilson (Ret.)

4 Star General of USAF (ret.) Former Vice Chief of Staff USAF Founder and driving force behind AFWERX

Dylan Taylor

Founder & CEO of Voyager Space Holdings. Founder of NGO Space for Humanity. Fmr. Global CEO of a multi-billion dollar real-estate services firm.

Brig. Gen. Kathy Roberts (Ret.)

Director, National Reconnaissance Office Signals Intelligence System. Vice Director Acquisition & US Space Command.

George Nield

Served as FAA Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation. President of Commercial Space Technologies.

Doug Greenlaw

Fmr Chief Exec. Of Lockheed Martin – Asia. Fmr Program Director, Raytheon. Partner in Joint All Domain C2 Software company.

Dr. Leon Alkalai

Retired Fellow of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Founder of Mandala Space. Founder of Explorer Fund.



Build the next era
of access to space.

We are relentlessly pursuing our vision to democratize access to space, unlocking limitless possibilities for humankind. What we seek to accomplish is nothing short of extraordinary. Join us in this pursuit.
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We believe that inspiration is best achieved when we find ourselves in the presence of those that are uniquely different from us, where all voices are sought out and earnestly heard.

We seek to synthesize these diverse viewpoints into an authentic working environment that allows us to drive relentlessly towards our vision. We aspire to contribute in meaningful ways toward making the world a better place, giving each of us an opportunity to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. 

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